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La Mancolona

Better known as La Mancolona. It is a community that is located 40 km north of Xpujil. The majority of its population is of Chiapas origin, particularly from the Tzeltal, Chol and Tzotzil ethnic groups. It was relocated a few decades ago because it was located in an area that was expropriated for the Calakmul Biosphere Reserve. It is characterized by preserving its language and traditional gastronomic recipes adapted to its geographical context.

The La Raíz del Futuro Ethnoecotourism Center is part of Visit Calakmul, made up of 36 partners, offering contact experiences with the nature of Calakmul and with the Tzeltal culture. In addition, they have small family workshops available to make handicrafts with elements and/or inspiration from the Mayan jungle of Calakmul.

Activities and services offered:

Camping La Raíz del Futuro
Comida Local La Raíz del Futuro
Senderismo La Raíz del Futuro x
Taller Velas Artesanales La Raíz del Futuro