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Everything you need to know before traveling
The climate in the Calakmul region is classified as warm sub-humid. Especially from May to September it is usually very hot, so we recommend taking precautions such as carrying enough water to hydrate at all times, sunscreen and a cap or hat.
If you are traveling by car, the available gas stations are in the town of Xpujil, at the entrances coming from Chetumal and from Escárcega, each with a convenience store and restrooms. Apart from these, there are no other nearby gas stations in the area , so we recommend stocking up on enough fuel for your tours of Calakmul.
To plan your visit to Calakmul, it is important to consider that today there are no banks in the area, and the closest ones are in Escárcega and Chetumal. If you want to withdraw money, there are only ATMs from Banco Azteca and BBVA.
To date,most establishments do not accept cards (mainly in communities) so we recommend you bring enough cash.
Public transport
You can get to the municipality of Calakmul by car or by bus. We recommend you consult www.ado.com.mx and search for runs to Xpujil (municipal seat of Calakmul) for more detailed information.
Tour to Calakmul Archaeological Zone
Have breakfast before starting the tour. Bring enough water, snacks or some fruit. Wear comfortable and closed shoes. Wear light clothing, preferably long sleeves and pants (due to mosquitoes), cap or hat. Put on repellent and sunscreen. Bring a raincoat (from June to November). Carry cash. To enter you have to make three payments: the ejido, the reserve and the INAH. Check the cost of payment to INAH here.

Certified Guides


For Visit Calakmul it is important that the experience you live in the destination is the best, so we can help you contact the right guide for you

Taxis and Collectives

With the services of tourist taxis, get to know the buildings that keep stories from the time of the ancient Mayas. You can book your service through our email or WhatsApp.

Health services
and emergencies

In Xpujil there is a General Hospital at the exit of Xpujil in a northerly direction. Likewise, the Red Cross and three pharmacies in the area are also available.