In this region, a natural and genuine world of sounds, smells, colors and shapes predominates, which have been maintained for tens of thousands of years.
The biodiversity in Calakmul is unmatched. From jaguars, tapirs and monkeys to toucans, migratory birds, orchids and more than a thousand species of vascular plants. Calakmul is an invaluable treasure of tropical flora, fauna and ecosystems.
These jungles are a paradise for more than 400 species of birds, both resident and migratory, which is equivalent to about 70% of all those registered in the Yucatan Peninsula and a third of all those registered for Mexico.
Of the almost 100 species of mammals that inhabit it, five are felines such as pumas and jaguars. Calakmul is home to the largest jaguar population in Mexico. The jaguar is very respectful and fearful of the human being, so it is very difficult to see it.
In Calakmul you can see more than 50 species of reptiles and 16 species of amphibians, including the popular red-eyed green frog (Agalychnis callidryas), the swamp crocodile (Crocodylus moreleti) and the little tortoise (Rhinoclemmys areolata).
The vegetation of the Calakmul region is made up of more than 1,600 species of vascular plants (more than 50% in the entire Yucatan Peninsula). The recorded flora is composed of 153 families, 834 genera and 1,936 species, with an estimated endemism percentage of 10%. In addition, 73 species of orchids have been recorded.