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Calakmul is the largest tropical rainforest jungle in Mexico. Alongside the protected areas of southeastern Chiapas, other areas of the Yucatan Peninsula, and the Peten of Guatemala and Belize, it forms the second largest rainforest area in America.


More than 1,200,000 hectares of jungles in the Calakmul Region have been decreed and make up the Calakmul Biosphere Reserve and the Balam Ku and Balam Kin reserves.


Calakmul is one of the most important areas where water is captured and then flows underground to the wetlands of the Laguna de Términos and the south of Quintana Roo, thus acting as a true water factory and providing an environmental service for all its inhabitants.


In this site you will be able to know diverse and impressive archaeological zones like the one of Calakmul, as well as ecotourism projects operated by local communities that protect the jungles and wild species through the development of the activity. Come and enjoy this mosaic of experiences in your way through the Yucatan Peninsula.


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Foto: René Denis
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5 communities located within the Mayan jungle invite you to contribute to conservation.

La Raíz del Futuro
La Raíz del Futuro

Comunidad La Mancolona

Valentín Natural
Valentín Natural

Comunidad Valentín Gómez Farías

Talleres artesanales
Talleres artesanales

Comunidad 20 de Noviembre


Comunidad Cristóbal Colón

El Hormiguero
El Hormiguero

Comunidad Eugenio Echeverría Castellot No.2


Discover the magic of Calakmul and its communities watching the video gallery that we have for you. Learn a little more and dare to live the experience yourself!

and you, how would you describe calakmul?

If we ask you how would you describe Calakmul? What would be your answer, if we remember that Calakmul understands its people, its nature and its culture.


Your experience will be unique if you decide to combine community activities with nature and archeology. Request a combined or individual proposal. Both will delight your senses!

Visit 3 archaeological sites by bike

*Lenght of the route:18 km

Visit one site and watch wildlife

Organization of tour to archaelogical site of Calakmul

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"As a traveler and a lover of nature, Calakmul is and will remain one of my favorite getaways in the southeast of Mexico.

Lhia Xmucané

"In Calakmul everything is beautiful, its flora, fauna, culture, traditions, its people ... It is a reserve that would amaze even the most demanding taste."

Luis Carlos Canto

An extraordinary trip, the intention was to get to know Calakmul ... which turned out to be beautiful, exceeding all expectations ... but with 4 days and 3 nights we were able to visit incredibly beautiful places.

José Luis Vázquez Reynoso

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