Visit Calakmul

We are a non-profit community initiative that started in 2014 and integrates 5 communities of Calakmul that offer rural and alternative tourism activities and that works together with the community, promoting community organization and development, diversifying their productive activities, giving their products an added value, strengthening their commercialization, creating a better quality of life for people by the sustainable use of their tourist attractions, thus contributing to the conservation of the mixed heritage of Calakmul.

Our mission

Our vision

To be a tourist information center that promotes the visitation and enjoyment of Calakmul's tourist attractions at the regional, state, national and global levels, respecting the governance of local communities as well as their respective tourism projects, within the framework of conservation and use of natural resources in a sustainable manner; as well as developing actions of promotion, prevention, education and enjoyment of the environment.

To be a leading ecotourism initiative in the municipality of Calakmul and at the State level as well as nationally and internationally; be recognized as a leading community company in sustainable tourism that guarantees the preservation and sustainable use of the natural and cultural heritage of our region, offering optimal and quality services to our visitors in a virtual and face-to-face way, maintaining quality and warmth in our services and in our people.

Our services


Community travel organization

Includes lodging and food services within the communities.

Participation in craft workshops.

Tours on trails with local guides.

Local coexistence.

*You need english guide


Bird watching

We hired the services of an expert bird guide to explore the jungle together and observe different birds in the region.

It includes:

Entrance to observation trails Guide service Foods


We hire naturalist and archaeological guides for tours to archaeological sites.



We advise you online at or at our office located in Xpujil.

We provide you with: Maps and brochures Organization of tours to Calakmul offered by local agencies.

Hiring guides