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In this section you will find packages with itineraries that will make you enjoy Calakmul in a comfortable and easy way to book. We would also like to remind you that you can request a personalized itinerary, just tell us the activities that you would like to enjoy, and we will send you an itinerary according to your tastes and needs.


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Fill yourself with energy with a walk on a jungle trail enjoying nature and the sounds of birds and monkeys. Between forests and traditional cornfields, a local guide will share with you his knowledge of the traditional use of flora such as pepper.

Unleash your creativity using waste to create beautiful crafts that you will take home as a souvenir.

Sleep in the middle of the jungle!

Unleash your sense of adventure and travel on foot or by bicycle, trails immersed in the jungle delighting in the sounds of birds, monkeys and all kinds of fauna.

Discover the El Hormiguero archaeological site, which will surprise you with the majestic Mayan structures that rise within the jungle. Choose to sleep in cabins or camping!

Two adventures together!

Do you want to look into an unknown world? Visit the caves of the Cristóbal Colon community (located 40 min from Xpujil, the municipal seat of Calakmul) and transport yourself to the underground world of the Mayans.

Come and be enchanted by the virtues of El Hormiguero and the adrenaline in Cristobal Colon!

Only in "20" you can feel like a craftsman!

Come and meet the hands that make crafts in a very close relationship with the jungle.

This picturesque and quiet town of Mayan origin offers you a tour to visit rustic craft workshops and learn about the stories behind each one of them.


If you are looking for adventure in your visit to Calakmul, this tour is for you. Enter the depths of the jungle, travel by land (and below it) through the mystical corners of Calakmul and let yourself be overcome by adrenaline.


During the tour we will visit the community of Eugenio Echeverría Castellot II, which along with the Archeological Zone of Hormiguero,  a different and little explored area, and the company of birds and one or two howler monkeys, make this an ideal place for those who seek to explore little-known corners.


In the caves of Cristobal Colon, we will transport ourselves to the underground world of the Mayans, between tunnels and walls that keep the secrets of our ancestors.


We will finish our tour in the Archaeological Zone of Calakmul, one of the most important Mayan cities and a world heritage site that you cannot miss. Also, on the way there, there are some trails where you can watch different species of flora and fauna such as the elegant eagle, the ocellated turkey, curassow and even cats like the ocelot or the jaguar!


If you are looking for a tour that brings you closer to the heart of the Mayan culture, this tour is for you! We will visit the Chiapas origins community of 20 de Junio, known as "La Mancolona", where you can feel  the warmth of its people feels on your skin. We will savor its famous mole, or you can also choose other dishes prepared with the same traditional flavor of the place and of course, handmade tortillas!. We will enjoy a 4 km path between jungles and orchards where local guides will share with you their knowledge about the traditional use of the flora, their agricultural customs, as well as the local fauna. In the craft candles workshop, you can feel the pleasure of being a craftsman for a day, and make beautiful pieces of art with materials such as orange peel and beeswax.


In the community of 20 de Noviembre we invite you to discover customs and live the local culture through a rustic tour to visit the small workshops of artisans while they make various local products with materials that they sustainably collect from the jungle. You can buy pure honey from the bee with a very particular smoky touch from the Calakmul area.


The tour includes up to 3 archaeological sites (Calakmul, Balam Kú, and Becán or Xpujil), which give life to the region and transport us to the world of our ancestors.