Community Union 20 de Junio "La Mancolona" 

Fill yourself with energy with a walk on a path in the jungle enjoying the nature and the sounds of birds and monkeys. Between jungles and traditional milpas, a local guide will share with you his knowledge about the traditional use of the flora such as pepper. Free your creativity using waste to create beautiful crafts that you will take home as a souvenir.


Walking along the path "EL Baatz (Monkey Howler) of La Mancolona, immersed in the depths of the jungles of the Calakmul region, is an experience like few others and without a doubt the best way to explore and know the secrets and the immensity of its jungles.


Try to bring comfortable shoes, insect repellent, water and a snacks since this is a 4 km trek. The exuberant jungle with its ups and downs can be a real challenge. Do not forget your camera.


To the north of Calakmul, one of the largest natural reserves in Mexico, 44 km from Xpujil, the municipal seat of Calakmul, is the Union 20 de Junio community, commonly known as La Mancolona, community of Tzeltal origin in Chiapas that will captivate all your senses.


Feel nature as never before in the ecotourism project ¨Root of the Future¨.


Developing new skills while having fun is also possible. The families of the Mancolona will open the doors of your home where you can witness a workshop for the production of scented candles based on orange peels, beeswax. You can listen to an interesting talk by artisans of the process of these candles.


 Come, visit La Mancolona and get to know the handmade hands that make them and take home a great souvenir.


The roads of the Root of the Future have many surprises.


Accompanied by a local guide, travel through its jungles and delight in the variety of life forms that you will find in them. From birds, to monkeys of both species (), and many species of plants with great ecological value and great beauty such as orchids.


Birdwatching is an activity with great potential in La Mancolona due to the more than 200 species that live in its forests thanks to its high degree of conservation; so observing birds is an activity that you will enjoy a lot in the company of a local guide.



The Mexican culture has diverse forms of expression and one of them is the elaboration of colorful piñatas. We invite you to participate in the collective workshops for making piñatas at La Raíz del Futuro in the company of the children of the community.


Complement your memory by sharing joy and smiles with the small participants.


Due to the growing demand for pepper consumption in Europe, a lot of people have shown interest in knowing the traditional way of producing this crop.


In your visit you can learn a little more about this enigmatic spice with mysterious cures to diseases and ailments attributed to it.


Nowadays, the production of pepper goes back to the beginnings of the community, which also stands out as one of the main producers in the municipality.


In the communal area there are two spaces for camping, one outdoors to enjoy the stars among the jungle, and another covered by a roof in case of rain. Both share a space designed to make bonfires at night and rustic dry bathrooms with showers.


There are tents (equipped) available for rent.

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If the Chiapas cuisine is one of the best in Mexico, wait until you try the Tzeltal cuisine, one of the best exponents of Chiapas cuisine. With a traditional rustic style dining room, you will enjoy delicious dishes prepared with love, good seasoning and the best ingredients of the region, without leaving behind the quality and service that characterizes this ecotourism group.


You can’t leave without tasting the traditional mole and the famous pepper tea that, in addition to its great flavor, has important health properties. At breakfast enjoy some eggs prepared in a unique way, with banana leaf that the ladies use to cook without oil, also enjoy handmade tamales. Undoubtedly unique flavors that you cannot miss trying.


If you require food service, we recommend that you notify them on arrival as they prepare them fresh at the moment, with ingredients harvested in the community.


Located 35 km away from Xpujil, heading north towards Hopelchen, you will reach the community of Nueva Vida. Turn there to the right and advance 8 km. more on a road that goes into the jungle with steep climbs and descents. Arriving at the community, it is important that you follow the rustic signs that will take you to the house of "Miguel" the person in charge of the group, where you can ask for the services and activities that are offered on the site as well as request a local guide. Without a doubt La Mancolona offers you an experience of nature and adventure, while getting to know closely the traditions that are still hidden in these jungles.


Mr. Rabil Gutiérrez López - Head of the tourism group.