Some of the communities in and around the Biosphere Reserve have opted for ecotourism as a way of life that allows them to preserve their forests, while providing them with economic benefits for the sustenance of their families. In addition to this, the great biological and cultural diversity that this corner of the Peninsula offers makes Calakmul an ideal place to practice this type of activity.

Ecotourism and Sustainability

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Ecotourism in Calakmul is important because it helps to preserve the environment and the well-being of local populations by creating a better quality of life through the diversification and commercialization of their productive activities, taking advantage of their natural attractions in a sustainable manner.



We invite you to get to know some of the communities that make up the Calakmul region, the activities you can do, its biosphere and ecological reserves, ecotourism products operated by local communities to protect the jungle, and the oldest archaeological sites with the best architectural detail. and artistic of the entire Peninsula.


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​​Agradecemos su interés por promover el ecoturismo en la región de Calakmul. ​​

Este tipo de turismo es amigable con el medio ambiente y los beneficios económicos que se obtienen de esta visitación favorecen directamente a las comunidades locales.